COVID 19, we’re doing all that is needed!

The motto of Camelot Apartments is: “Just like in your home” and also in this particular phase we are faithful to this concept. Our structure was inaugurated a few months ago and and was therefore born with a series of measures which already meet very high standards of safety, including health.  Modern air conditioning systems, room ventilation and the presence of a fully automated check-in and check-out system that only requires a code provided when booking online, make our guests come into contact with environments that no one else occupies, sanitized daily.

We have also fully adhered to the health protocols imposed by the Authorities, positioning disinfectant gel that you will find inside of each apartment and in the common areas, we pay even more attention to ventilate all the rooms constantly and correctly sanitizing at every change of guests the apartment and common areas and we intensify sterilization of all textiles, adding suitable products and systems to their washing at this particular moment.

We, in short, have focused on making you feel, now more than before, just like in your home, with the same feeling of comfort, protection and well-being. And we are sure that, thanks to your help and your respect for the rules, everything will be as before and you can continue to enjoy the beauty of your stay in our beautiful Verona.

Open the attachments to read the protocols

Information Covid Rules

Bollettino Regione Veneto Covid19