General rules


The total amount does not include the tourist tax which will be calculated according to the rates imposed by the reference municipalities.

Municipality of San Martino Buon Albergo:

Municipality of Verona:



– FLEXIBLE RATE 5 DAYS: The guest pays 100% of the amount of the stay at the time of booking. The guest can cancel free of charge up to 5 days before the check-in date. – NON REFUNDABLE RATE: The guest pays 100% of the amount of the stay at the time of booking. The guest will in no case be refunded in case of cancellation. Cancellations and/or changes will be valid once confirmed by email from the Management to the customer. In the event that, for unforeseeable reasons, the booked property should become unavailable due to extraordinary maintenance or force majeure, we will take care of returning the entire sum received to the customer, without further claims.

2) CHECK IN – CHECK OUT (Self Check-Out)

The unique access code, which will be provided to the guest after payment, allows for independent check-in at the facility exclusively from 3.00 pm on the day of Check In, to 10.00 am on the day of Check Out;

The apartment must be vacated by 10.00 on the day of departure. Otherwise, the cost of an additional night will be charged without leaving the apartment available In case of early departure If the guest’s decision is independent of the fault or willful misconduct of Camelot Appartamenti then a penalty will be charged: 3 nights (rate applied at the time of booking) if the number of remaining nights is greater than or equal to 3 nights; – For an amount equal to the remaining nights (rate applied at the time of booking) if the number of remaining nights is less than 3. If the reason for the early departure is due to an unforeseeable and inevitable fact (sudden illness, death of a family member, etc. .) the customer will not be obliged to pay any penalty, it being understood that he will have to demonstrate the existence of the unpredictability and ineluctability of the fact.

3) EXTRA GUESTS It is not permitted to provide or communicate the access code to the structure to third parties and in any case, to bring into the structure people whose identity document has not been registered, subject to authorization, in any case, by the Management.

4) HOURS OF REST AND BEHAVIOR In a collective residence such as “Camelot Appartamenti”, the behavior of the single guest must be based on the observance of those fundamental rules of tolerance, respect and collaboration which guarantee normal coexistence in relations with the other guests . The guest is obliged to maintain order and protect the environment. Silence must be respected at night (from 21.00 to 8.00) and during the afternoon rest (from 13.00 to 16.00). The use of the TV is only allowed at low volume.

5) COMMON AREAS It is important to always make sure that the access gate, the driveway gate and the main entrance door are always closed. A parking space per apartment is included in the price. It is recommended to keep the common areas clean by throwing any rubbish into the special bins present in the structure. It is not permitted to allocate any part of the common areas for personal use, to occupy them with furniture, tools and other objects or in any case to prevent their use by the other guests. There are also bins, private or in public places, for separate collection where the bags of each apartment can be thrown away. Each guest is required to compensate for any damage to the structure and for the improper use of the complementary equipment.

6) RESPONSIBILITY We decline all responsibility for the loss, theft or damage to objects owned by the customer.

7) CLEANING AND LINEN CHANGE The rooms are cleaned at each guest change.

8) USER SAFETY It should be noted that a 24-hour video surveillance system is provided for the safety of our guests.

9) USE OF APARTMENTS It is not permitted: – To disturb guests; – Keep flammable materials and/or harmful substances both in the common areas and inside the apartments; – Throw or deposit rubbish and refuse outside the appropriate containers. It is also required to respect separate waste collection. The full bag, once closed, must be thrown into the appropriate private or public external bins; – Throw materials that could clog the pipes into the exhaust ducts; – Make changes to the furniture and premises; – Tampering with the electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, heating systems, etc. – Use stoves, cookers of any type, heat-producing appliances other than the equipment made available; – Smoking inside the rooms and in the internal common areas; – Keep weapons of any nature and kind; – Keep and/or use drugs; – Light fires. Guests are kindly requested, if they leave their apartment, to turn off the lights, close the windows and make sure they have turned off all the taps. The regulation is understood to be read and accepted at the time of payment of the stay. Sure of your collaboration, and thanking you for choosing our structure, we wish you a peaceful and happy stay at Camelot Apartments – Business & Holiday.

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